My name is Holger Steinmann. I was born in a small town somewhere in Lower Saxony, Germany and currently I’m spending most of my time in Hamburg. I’ve made the first contact with photography as a child but forgot about it during my teenage years. In 2007 I started over again with digital photography, searching for my favorite genre and tried nearly everything. I`ve been through the hell of birding, rabbiting, brick walls, first tripod depression, overestimation, loveless workshops, gearfaggotry, forum ambivalence,…

Nevertheless today, beside some landscape photography, I focus on the most worthy, unsteady, astonishing, lovable theme: People – sometimes in the controlled environment of a studio situation, but mostly in the wild – sometimes planned, but mostly spontaneously and driven by the situation. Street photography has become my absolute favorite genre. It’s always exiting to watch my own species in its natural habitat 😉



“Grabbing the camera and hiking the streets makes me smile – always” …really?

Holger Steinmann, March 2017