Langeoog im Frühsommer

Langeoog – Strandspaziergang– aber in lang
Langeoog – Strandspaziergang
Langeoog – endlich wieder

Und dieses Jahr Madeira

Tag 17 – Pause und Mahlzeit
Tag 16 – Levada do Norte
Tag 14/15 – In a muddle mit Meerblick
Tag 13 – Dingens do Mar
Tag 12 – Regen, Nebel, Wind, viel Fahrerei (ER103 ist toll!!!) aber keine Bilder
Tag 11 – Pause
Tag 10 – Nochmal Levadas (die von Tag 5), kommt noch
Tag 9 – Penha de Águira, der Adlerfelsen
Tag 8 – Tief im Osten, Sao Lourenco
Tag 7 – Durch den Urwald
Tag 6 – Sonne, Pool, Balkon, sehr gutes Essen, Pause, nix Levada
Tag 5 – Noch ne Levada
Tag 4 – Vom Cabo Girao über die Dörfer
Tag 3 – Levada da Ribeira da Janela
Tag 2 – 25 Fontes
Tag 1 – Angekommen auf Madeira

While on La Gomera, I’m starting my little holiday blog again, this time in German language

La Gomera 2019

Older travel blogs, moved from Google+
Follow this link to visit the first half of my “La Palma Holidays”

Just moved my “La Gomera” pictures from G+ to this side. Have a look at the La Gomera Holidays 2018 category.

I’ve just moved all my  “Langeoog Island” post from Googel+ to this side.
Please find them by browsing the Langeoog category.

Going analog (to be continued):
I’ve started this blog page in order to share with you my new small project, called “Going analog“, featuring my first steps in analog film photorgraphy.

If you would like to attend me on my little journey, having a shot at analog photography, then check back regularly. I’m also curious about the experience and have absolutely no clue about the results.

You may find my digital portfolio by accessing the corresponding link above or by checking my profile on Google+

Cheers, Holger