A(nother) walk above the northern shore – La Gomera (Day 3)

A(nother) walk above the northern shore – La Gomera (Day 3)

Valle Gran Rey was covered by clouds, shaken by heavy winds, freshen up by pouring rain and heavily hit by an unusual high wave during the night. Even parts of the promenade wall got wrecked.

Great conditions to get in the car and drive up to the national park, to explore the pristine Canarian laurel forest. Not… 8° up there, the streets slippery covered with water and leaves and boughs, ripped off by the cutting sharp wind.

Therefore, I choose to search my sunny spot again up in the north, in the slipstream of the island and I found it in the very north east. A path high above the shore, with some hazy views to the westly end of Tenerife, Punta del Teno and the Ermita de Guadalupe above a black graveled beach. Beach and Ermita pictures found their abnormal end on a deceased storage card…

3h (with feed in the ocean break)
250m height difference



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