Cubo de la Galga

Cubo de la Galga

La Palma Day 8

Today I had a great walk in the rain forest of La Palma. The track (8,5Km, 500m up and down again, 3,5h) leads you deep into the Barranco de la Galga. While walking on forest roads at the beginning and the end of the track, one walks on narrow trails most of the time, always rampant, wet and slippery on forest floor or moss covered rocks. Water trickles out of the rock face everywhere and various kinds of birds fill the dark wet forest with their sounds.

When reaching the top of the track the Mirador de la Somata Alta, there offers a great view to the north eastern coast of La Palma.

Over steep slope the path touches some signs of civilization, a farmhouse, a water pipe and some French fries fields and after a short but intense ascent, it dives back deep into the narrow canyon.

Fine walk in an impressive scenery! Keep your fingers crossed, that the weather will remain as good as today. There are some tracks on my wishlist, which requires dry conditions ūüėČ

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