Going analog – seriously…

While the most interesting part of hanging up a painting is to visit the ironmonger and buy a brand-new hammer, gear testing is quite fun, even though it is not what I expected it to be. Hurrying through 2 straps of film, just to make sure that the new gear is working, got a bit unsatisfying. So it was time to snap a little bit more instead of only doing some test pictures.

Better take the sunny afternoon off, throw on the warm coat against the cutting cold wind and have a walk at the riverside. So I visited Hamburg Landungsbrücken and the new Elbphilarmonie with its great view onto the harbor and the roofs of Hamburg. The Leica was loaded with a Kodak Ektar 100 film, my light meter got a new battery, I had some time and the sun was shining. What else to say but that I had a great afternoon wandering around at Hamburg river side, on a relaxed search for some frames worth to capture.

Even when it is very likely that it might get boring after a while, I must admit that I really like the vintage look of these pictures.

What divides us from a jelly fish is the ability to learn. Therefore, this time I’d choose another film developer and decided to send the film to Mein Film Lab, a German full service provider which offers development, scanning, prints, negative storing and, at least in my case, a nice and really appreciated feedback and hints regarding the exposure. I ordered the full service with prints in 13x18cm, high resolution scans as 16Bit TIF on DVD, contact prints and for sure the developed negatives. All this was not that cheap and, with overall 50€ including transfer, after ten days a small parcel reached me and I was positively surprised by the results.

But how to get a chemical reaction into bits and bytes is another story…

Where this experiment starts

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