Inside the Caldera de Taburiente

Inside the Caldera de Taburiente

La Palma Day 6

I’m writing these lines, while enjoying a Jameson at the hotel bar. Unfortunately Carlos, one of the two funding members of the “Duo Carlos y Esther Santana”, really…, tries to spice up “Save the last dance for me” with some organ driven blue notes. Not only does he look like an insurance sales representative with a massive Mariacron intoxication, no, these blue notes resist and Carlos Santanas shipwrecking is piteous. Fortunately Esther wasn’t seen here during the last 30 minutes…

Let’s talk about some pleasant stuff. Had a great tour, deep inside the Caldera de Taburiente. Starting north of Los Llanos at the parking at Baranco de Las Agustinas, there is a taxi service that carries you up 1000m the Mirador los Brecitos. Cheap amusement, only 51€ per taxi. Ok, the lift takes about 30 minutes, the street is really steep and rockslides (may) occur. Therefore, wait at the parking and join with some other hikers. That might reduce the costs significantly. Starting at the Mirador Los Brecitos, the path leads through the typical Canary pine wood, almost keeping its altitude, for about 1h. The track is usually covered with pine needles, sometimes bare rock, but always 30 – 80cm wide, with the steep slope to the left and several meters of nothing to the right, offering some views to the caldera flanks. After 1,5h the “Playa de Taburiente”, a wide gravel filed and hikers camping area passes by and a 300m altitude steep decent on narrow serpentines, down to the ground of the Barranco follows.

Every turn a new a fantastic view. By the way, choose the “Solos expertos”-variant to ensure that there is no visible track but massive rock climbing fun 😉 Safely arrived at the Barranco ground, the path leads though the narrow stony creek bed, all the way down to the parking. Overall 200m up, 1000 down, 14Km and 5,5h to go. One of the best tracks I’ve already walked on the Canaries.

Dos Aguas, where the streams of two creeks join and will be caught immediately by human build appliances to ensure the islands water supply. Video: Dos Aguas

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