Last day, Cascada, Crab, Canary Birds…

Last day, Cascada, Crab, Canary Birds…

La Palma Day 13

Last day today on La Palma. Guess I’ll have to come back soon 😉

Had a last lazy walk in the north east and visited the cascade of Los Tilos inside the Barranca del Agua. Nice but not that thrilling. Afterwards I had a walked up a forest road far up the Barranco del Agua to visit the weather measuring point Espigon Astravesado, which offers a great view from a rocky crest, high above the canyon. Made acquaintance with some Canary birds which were absolutely not shy and joint me during a short break.

Back on my way to the Hotel I made a short stopover in Puerto Espinosa to put my feet in the Atlantik Ocean. Again got some company, a colorful crab this time.

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