Laurel, heath, moss and wind – La Gomera (Day 6)

Laurel, heath, moss and wind – La Gomera (Day 6)

Alto de Garajoney

Driving up to the top of La Gomera, I found the clouds to be high enough to have free sight to the Alto de Garajoney, the highest point of La Gomera. I left the car at the visitor center at La Laguna Grande and had a fantastic walk through the Gomera laurel woods. Starting in light rain, the path leads though dark deep woods, barren plains and, always windy, up to the top. I’d chosen to combine some of the different possible tracks, to enjoyed this mystic forest a little longer. Due to the changing, always wet conditions and the sharp cold wind it ended up more or less in an excursion to the Gomeran fauna. Nevertheless, there was some sun at the top and a slightly good but hazy view to the neighbor islands Tenerife, La Palma and El Hiero.

6-12°C temperature
4h duration
14Km length
500m elevation gain


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