Playa del Trigo – La Gomera (Day 5)

Playa del Trigo – La Gomera (Day 5)

Searching for my sunny spot, I found a nice view to Tenerife and the sun it in the very north-west of La Gomera. Starting in the village of Alojera, a well-prepared path leads down through palm yards and gardens, later to the narrow Barranco Mono, to the wonderful, lonely and wild Playa del Trigo. Accessing the beach was even prohibited due to rock slides, but fortunately I recognized the sign only on my way back.

Back in Valle Gran Rey I took a short detour to the local harbor. Seems as if there are some really good fish restaurants…

Playa del Trigo:

The Surf:

22°C temperature
3h duration (with a long break at the beach)
7Km length
400m elevation gain


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